Web Forms & Telemarketing

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Some of our clients use outside telemarketing companies and push vetted leads into Radius. If you’re using a 3rd party telemarketer, you won’t want them to have access to your database. You can use Web Forms to allow data from a 3rd party to be pushed in while keeping your database secure. Alternatively, you can have agents in Radius working your leads & clients in a secure way, granting only specific permissions. For information on adding users, click HERE

But if you’re looking for a secure way for 3rd party Telemarketers to send you information, you can accomplish this by creating a website form for your telemarketers to fill out. This can either be the same lead form that’s on your website’s consumer facing page or can be a hidden page that only your telemarketers can access. You’d need to ask your web developer how to create a hidden page, but here’s the info from the Radius side you’ll need:

  1. Go to Account> Web Form
  2. The Post instructions are there for you, along with the field names for the form.
  3. You can add tags to the forms so you know where the leads were generated from:
    • Go to Settings> Tags> Add Tag of “WebsiteLead” and “TelemarketingLead”
    • Go to the web form code on your website and add the following code to the appropriate webform:
      1. <input type=HIDDEN name=TAGS value=”WebsiteLead” />
      2. <input type=HIDDEN name=TAGS value=”TelemarketingLead” />

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