Using SMS/Text with Radius

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Radius allows for direct text messaging to leads & clients through manual text and through Automated Workflows. Mass text messages are not allowed per state and federal regulations, so we’ve built one-to-one relationships only.

Send directly to leads or clients in their File.
Note that the cell # must be in their Cell field. Due to regulations, SMS must be ‘opt in’ so we don’t generate SMS from the Phone field.

Send via Automated Workflows
HERE are the instructions on Automated Workflows and here’s a screenshot of putting SMS messages into Action in Automated Workflows.

You have the option to receive replies to your cell phone:
Account> My Info (make sure your cell is in the cell field)> Notificaitons> Enable SMS Replies to your cell.

Replies will also go into the lead/client’s file in their NOTES tab and in the Message Center. 

Check out our SMS best practices information HERE, which also provides a link to the FCC regulations.

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