Click a button so a lead in another state can see your screen.
Quick & Easy Sharing with the click of a button start sharing your screen in seconds. Installation-Free Viewing View from any device with a browser without having to install any software. Frictionless Collaboration saves valuable time by not requiring your viewers to create an account in order to see your screen. ScreenLeap is included for Free in your Radius Account. No Additional Charge.
  • Screenleap is included in the monthly Radius Subscription Charge, no extra cost to host screen shares in Radius.
  • Screen Share + CRM Software working with each other.
Direct Mail sent with one click
Direct Mail Manager helps you design and send postcards, launch campaigns and measure results. Import existing customer data through your current CRM or other marketing software, or choose from lists we tailor for you.
  • Direct Mail boasts an open rate of 4.4%, while email open rate hangs on at only 0.12%
  • Send strategic, targeted direct mail to the right customers and prospects for your business.
Powerful Insurance Websites. Simplified
Setting Up Your New Insurance Website Is Fast And Easy. Agent Methods provides you with everything you need to run your site – from proven designs to professionally written insurance content to hosting in a world-class datacenter.
  • AgentMethods integrates automatically with Radius to keep your website generated leads in one place.
  • A powerful insurance website + CRM Software working with each other.
Business email, calendar, storage and more.
Enjoy a consistent experience from your computer, tablet or phone. Draft a proposal in Docs at the office, review it on the train, then make final edits from your phone right before the meeting. Get more out of your workday.
  • Radius integrates automatically with Google ID, Calendar and Gmail to keep your entire lead and client conversation history in one place.
  • Business tools + CRM Software working with each other.
The all-in-one call center software for small business.
TalkDesk is browser-based call center software for sales, support and marketing. Automate the telephone support process, know everything about the caller and enrich your Lead & Client Management conversions by automatically integrating call notes, recordings, voicemails and missed calls into one lead or client profile.
  • Talkdesk integrates automatically with Radius to keep your entire phone conversation history in one place.
  • A call center + CRM Software working with each other.
The all-in-one VoIP Platform Provider
Twilio is the telephony provider platform that is built directly into Radius. SMS/Text Messaging, Click-to-Call, Auto Dialer, Voicemail to Email, Inbound Call Routing and more…
  • Twilio is the built in VoIP Solution within Radius. We've Integrated with them.
  • VoIP + CRM Software working with each other.
Internet Lead Vendors
Radius integrates with over 30 Internet Lead Vendors which can Import Directly into your Radius Account. Leads can be sent directly via the Radius API which can automatically start predefined automated workflows.

Click Here View All Vendors Here
  • Dropped directly into your account
  • Trigger Marketing Automation Workflows with Emails, SMS, Phone Calls and more
Term Life Insurance Quoters, Built for Conversions.
Ninja Quoter’s term life insurance quoter is 100% web based, and any rate or product changes are fed to your website and agent quoters in real time. No Software to Download!
  • NinjaQuoter integrates automatically with Radius to keep your entire quoting history in one place.
  • A term life insurance quoter + CRM Software working with each other.
The All-in-One Senior Market Support Tool for Insurance Agents
From online quoting tools to customized actuarial consulting, CSG Actuarial offers a wealth of resources for insurance agents and agencies to stay at the top of the competitive insurance industry.
  • Log into your CSG Actuarial Account directly from Radius to start running senior market insurance coverage quotes.
  • A Senior Market Quote Engine + CRM Software working with each other.
Radius OpenAPI
We’ve built an OpenAPI that allows for Third Party Integrations. If you are currently using a provider, lead vendor, third party application that would like to integrate with radiusbob, let us know.
  • Hook into our API to customize your account
  • Import, Export or Post to third party solutions

Guess Who's Using Radiusbob!

Insurance Agencies of all sizes, types, product lines, geographies and more are using radiusbob...

service image

With a few hundred agents, Radius has allow us to go from spreadsheets and printed papers, to managing our leads and clients in the cloud...

Bachmeier, Gudis & Associates

service image

Radius helps us manage both our Individual Health Business and our Medicare Business in one system. Hundreds of agents working leads.

Continental Health Alliance

service image

We customized Radius to help us manage a large book of business making sure no client renewals were missed and commissions lost for our agency.

Green Leaf Insurance Services

service image

Our customized version of Radius keeps our Telemarkerters on point generating leads and our Agents on point for working those leads.

Senior Financial Group

service image

MedicareCompare is where our agents live on a daily basis. Marketing money spend on generated leads never go to waste with Radius.

RBI Insurance Group

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  • Is radiusbob cloud based?
  • Is radiusbob for insurance agents?
  • Is radiusbob affordable?
  • Is radiusbob good for small, medium & large sized agencies?
  • Is radiusbob support included in the price?
  • Does radiusbob track commissions & renewals?
  • Does radiusbob track effective & renewal dates?
  • Does radiusbob have a calendar?
  • Does radiusbob help me with tasks & reminders?
  • Does radiusbob include drip marketing, auto responders & email markeing?
  • Can radiusbob store documents?
  • Can radiusbob import leads?
  • Can radiusbob auto assign leads to agents?
  • Can radiusbob manage my leads & clients?
  • Can radiusbob downgrade, upgrade or cancel at any time?
  • Will radiusbob work on a mac?
  • Will radiusbob integrate with my website?
  • Will radiusbob store documents for our agents?
  • Will radiusbob send text messages?
  • Will radiusbob send me email reminders?
  • Will radiusbob import from lead vendors?

Frequently Asked Questions:

No Contracts! No Long Term Comittments! Your Radius subscription is paid on a monthly basis. Cancel at anytime (we hope you don't) with no cancellation fees.
Yes. From day one, Radius implemented industry standard policy and procedures to protect your data. Plus all plans include SSL Encryption & Strong Password Requirements.
Yes. Within your account under the Admin Settings two buttons allow you to export all your lead and client information whenever you want it. No Charge.
Radius currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Once your information is in the system, billing is automated on a monthly basis. We'll send you an email prior to each months transaction and then we'll follow that up with a confirmation email which includes your reciept.
No, not at all...The only time you need to enter your Credit Card is before the Free Trial ends if you would like to activate your Radius Account.
Almost, there are only three features you cannot use during the Free Trial, Sending SMS/Text Messages & Emails and Click-to-Call Outbound Calls.
Yes. During your Free Trial you can import your data using our .CSV Template, Import Mapping Feature and Knowledge Based Articles on Importing. Once you become a Paid Subsciber, we'll work with your data file and account directly to make sure everything runs smoothly.
Two things; either you update your billig information and become a paid subscriber or you don't and your account is canceled automatically. It's that simple.